2021 Winner: Proper Production Desks

By: Matt Dean
Category: Production


To improve Production Desks industry-wide by providing a ‘one size fits most’ alongside raising awareness for the need for producers and theatres to provide proper seating for production staff in auditoriums.

Production Desks are not up to standard across the industry. Most theatres have in house-built solutions, which whilst often creative, do not generally offer users a safe working environment. My idea offers users a comfortable and safe experience but takes into account the specific needs of the theatre industry such as rapid turnarounds and the need for space-efficient storage. My desks make use of a sliding top which allows users to pull the desk towards them to ensure a proper posture where the seat is fixed. The desks provide a variety of other solutions to improve the work environment such as improved lighting, built-in power to prevent trip hazards and clips which allow devices such as comms packs to be kept within reach to reduce users needing to lean and twist. Please see below some photos of the three desks I have made, one of which demonstrates the sliding lid. I have also added links to some documents:

  1. My ‘Production Desk Guidelines’, a document I wrote to raise awareness and encourage solutions for the issues
  2. My project portfolio which formed part of Degree Graduation Project (practical dissertation) in which I tracked my development process.

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