Stage Mark

By: Luke Child
Category: Production | Stage Management


Stage Mark is a selection of pre-made stickers which are cut to the shapes that we use everyday to mark scenery, prop locations and performer positions

As an ex-stage manager I am fully aware of the time it takes to prepare endless strips of PVC tape, and then apply them to a stage surface one bit at a time in order to mark the location of scenery, props or performers. Once pieces of PVC tape have been applied to a surface, we then cover them in dance floor tape to ‘protect’ them. They never last long, and this process is repeated over and over. Stage Mark drastically improves the process of marking up locations as it is far quicker to use. This enhances stage management productivity, speeds up rehearsals, technical rehearsals and improves the quality of a stage mark so that there is always a symmetrical and professional finish. Stage Mark is also far more robust than conventionally used materials, and is more sustainable due to this, as it simply lasts far longer and requires less maintenance/replacing. Our packaging is also recyclable. Stage Mark is already available, but I want to make this a world wide product and capitalise on the fact that it is the first product of its kind. It is vital that people are aware that Stage Mark is the originator of this product line, and in return for this awareness I hope to generate loyalty. Other Stage Mark product lines and ideas also need support.

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