By: David Ripley
Category: Scenic Construction & Decoration


Method of supporting two 8×4 Steeldeck staging units without legs at all corners

The proposed ‘system’ is a leg at two corners of each 8×4, with the two decks bolted together using existing boltholes, additional plates and welded lugs on leg sockets. The Lugs are made of 8mm mild steel plate with 2 x 160mm long 3mm wall mild steel tube welded to form a coupler. The lug is to be inserted in adjoining sockets where legs will not be inserted. In this instance two 8 x 4 steel decks will be bolted together to form an 8 x 8 deck with legs in the four corners and not in the centre sockets. Crush plates will be used at intervals down the length of the join to provide additional support with the Socket Lugs to assist in minimising deflection in the deck. The system was designed by Richard Parr and Francis Johnson with additional work by David Ripley, all RCSSD staff.

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